LIBRARY RULES (because it does)


  • BE QUIET!  This is a place of studying, of information finding and of reading. Any disturbance of the peace may mean that you will be asked to leave the library.


  • HAVE A REASON TO BE HERE!  The library is not a place to hang out or for waiting for your science class to start, neither is it a place to hang out when you find the student lounge too noisy. THIS IS A PLACE OF WORK.


  • ENGLISH. The language used in the library is English. If there are words you do not know in English, ask the librarian for help.


  • SIT ON A CHAIR. Do not sit on tables, shelves or on the floor. If there is no empty seat, you will have to stand up.


  • PUT IT BACK!  If you have looked at a book and decided you do not want to borrow it, put it back exactly where you found it!


  • BRING YOUR LIBRARY CARD/CODE. To make borrowing books run smoother, you will need to have either your library card or the code given to you by your mentor.

  • RESERVATIONS. If the book you wanted to borrow is not in, you can reserve it. This means that you will be notified as soon as the book comes back, and you can come in and borrow it.  Your reservations will wait for you for two weeks before going back on the shelf.  

  • AGE! Some books are not suitable for younger children and the librarian has the final say in whether you can borrow a certain book.


  • RETURNS! All returned books must be dropped in the box by the entrance, unless you are told differently by the Librarian.


  • LATE RETURNS! All loans has a best before date. It is your responsibility to make sure the book comes back on time. 


  • DAMAGED BOOKS! Whenever a book is damaged beyond repair, a fine of 150:- will be given for each damaged item.


  • RESPECT! Show respect for students, staff and school. Respecting others is to respect yourself.



  • WASTE TIME! Make your visit to the Library count. Ask for help to find what you need.

  • MISS OUT! Find out what activities there are. Check Schoolsoft.

  • FORGET! Anything left behind and found in the Library will be taken care of by the Librarian. Ask, and you shall be given.

  • FORGET AGAIN! You will need your library card/code to borrow books. Ask your mentor for your code.

  • WORRY! There is no question to hard, and no information unavailable. Just ask! 


Breaking any of the rules may mean that you will be asked to leave the library, and it may affect your possibilities to return for a period of time.

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